(in)Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions that aren’t asked very frequently. (Updated: 05/15/2017)

General Questions:

What happened to all the projects?
We dropped all of them—sans WataMote.

Why did you drop all of them?
The group consists of only Ningen and May, and they became paid shills in order to feed themselves.

Paid shills?
They are work in professional translation/localization now.

Do you need a [role here]?
No, sorry. Please look elsewhere if you really want to become a scanlator…!

What is your relation to (the now defunct) Love Live Scanlations?
They translated Tomo-chan omakes; May provided a raw because May buys them anyway.

Manga Specific Questions

Can I upload your releases to my website and/or online readers?
Sure, whatever.

Can I use your translations to scanlate [series name] into my language?

Where do you get your raws?
WataMote is taken from its freely available web publisher; almost everything else was bought/scanned.

Why do you use honorifics?
Because we want to be like Atlus USA xd

Will you scanlate [series name]?

Light Novel Specific Questions

Are you still translating Mushoku Tensei LN?
No, sorry. Maybe in the future. Probably not.

Why did you start it if you’ll never finish it?
Started it when there was spare time, then the spare time killed itself.

Who is the best girl?
Eris. Every other answer is wrong.