2019 may not have been a big year for the group, but it was a big year for individual personal growth. As a consequence, though, availability as a whole waned — resulting in a hiatus that is currently ongoing as of time of writing. Over the course of the decade itself, we’ve experienced bouts of flourishing and stagnation. But in the last few years, we became complacent; stuck in the ruts of the past left by those before. While motivation drifted further and further, a fresh set of able-bodied individuals emerged to snuff out the now stagnant, complacent old-timers. A scenario quite analogous to the World Three of old, yet such a distant memory now… To do what you want, to take what you can, this is the spirit of scanlation.

And so we are here in 2020. Whether we remain in hiatus or begin to do something again is uncertain. But with a slate is almost as blank as the beginning itself, the possibilities are truly endless.

To all those in the past/present/future: Thank You.