219 thoughts on “Mushoku Tensei Vol.7”

  1. Anyone still interested in this thing?
    I think I can continue it but my English skill is not good enough
    I hope I could get someone who can help me as an editor
    * I am a really slow translator so don’t expect to much *

    If you think you could help me contact me on
    E-mail : [email protected]
    Discord : doragonroudo#3034

  2. I’m a fan of mushoku tensei series and I really loved how the story goes. It’s one of the best novel series I’ve ever read. I’ve read the whole series since last year… except one volume… volume 07 the adventurer arc. it’s kinda confusing at first, when I read it at baka-tsuki the story and the illustration are just not match each other, and I wonder why? and later its revealed to me that theres some issues related to the publication order between the light novel and the web novel version

    ***please, can you continue your work on translating this volume? i’m dying to knoww how the story goes and whaat exactly happen in that volume. I’ve tried to find it in other website and place and I just couldn’t find anywhere… you’re the only one i know of ever try to make a progress on this volume so far. i’ve no relation in japan to buy the original volume and nor I can read japanese

  3. im desperatly waiting about continuation thiss story, i beg you please resume even just an paragraf, if anything i can do for help, then i will

  4. Could you please resume the work? I use Google Chrome’s help for reading because I do not know English and the light novel is not available in the Portuguese language so I can not buy, I love the work very much and would like to know if it would be possible for someone to resume the translation, I am from Brazil

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