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    • It’s dead, it was mauled by a bear then shot by the hunter hunting the bear and finally beaten to a pulp by the hunters wife. It. Is. Dead.

  1. Thanks a bunch! Finally found this after wondering why the illustrations in Baka-Tsuki for this volume is so different from the content. This should help me expand my ff. Please update when you have the time.

  2. OK, I’ve had enough of the waiting if anyone can give me the Raw I’ll Translate it myself just because the wait time has pissed me off.

    • i think its a bad idea, if they know the LN is translated, who will buy the book?

      i think if they realize it, this site will get DCMA

      baka-tsuki only translate web for a reason afterall

  3. And this is why it is best to have a team of translators, some volunteers, like how Baka-tsuki does it. What we see here is a cautionary example of what can happen when you leave a translation up to a single person.

    • Yeah, you can blaze through volumes of stuff when you have machines do all the translations for you; not like anyone can tell the difference anyway.

    • Most of Baka-Tsuki novels I’ve read were translated by singular translators (god bless JS06) and not teams. Most groups that do any form of translation have two translators at most, nowhere near what you would call a “team” of translators.

      The only group I can imagine that can afford to have a team of translators, with only some being volunteers, are professionally paid groups. So unless you’re offering a competitive full time position for the translator, please retract your mindless statement.

      Thank you.

  4. Muhahaha. Just as I planned, you pathetic humans will never see the next chapter ever again and I will have fun watching you all obsess over your precious progress bar in vain.

  5. I’m a fan of this LN, and I really love how the story flows, the characters as well.

    So, it might sound selfish, but, could you please finish the translation? Please don’t abandon this project. everyone will be absolutely happy for this.

    I’m really grateful for the translator for doing this. without you guys, we wont be able to read this stuff, so.. Thank you!

    • I dont think its dead but people (translators included) have their own rl problems too sooo.. yeah. Im just gonna check on this once a week like I’ve been doing so far and hope that Meiru-chan can whip some speed into the translator :) Gambare

    • Prolonged hiatus. Reason: Working two jobs = Constantly in crunch = No time.
      When this all started last year, neither myself or the translator knew what life would be like six or even eight months later. Turns out it’s very, very busy.

  6. Did you guys stopped/abandoned the project? Wanted to read when you finish volume…
    Really, really, really slow progress, or no progress at all is quite sad…
    Anyway, thanks for what you translated already.

    • It’s not abandoned; the two people involved just took an extended break due to real life issues (indicated on the front page). Now that a lot of it is sorted things should pick back in the following week…? No promises, of course.

  7. Now, I don’t want to be rude, since this a “by fan for fans” thing, but isn’t it kind of wrong to hold onto the project like that?

    A lot of fans of MT are waiting for this novel to get some work on, and if there are RL issues involved it is perfectly reasonable to make them wait, we are not entitled to anything to be honest.
    Yet when the issue of somebody actually hopping to help pops up and it is rejected in such a way, then the problem is that it is no longer the fans asking a person that has too little time to invest even more on the project, but rather that this person is forcing himself, and slowing down the pace.

    I insist again that I am not trying to come off as rude, or hidding daggers within my words. Just my honest view of the subject, obviously biased due to wanting to read more.

    • It’s more so a problem of communication. Be it there are legitimate reasons or not, people will be upset regardless. Lack of communication is more so a result of not being able to deliver any sort of desirable answer. Even then, to answer one question means to answer the same question repeatedly due to comment/website section segmentation.

      If you want an answer, then sure: Real life has taken absolute priority. There is little free time between myself and the translator to the point where we can’t even talk regularly. Whatever time we can muster is put towards manga scanlation first as that is what we do primarily.

      Anyone with the means to do so is more than happy to continue forward with the LN translation. Just because we do it here doesn’t mean we have to be the only one. WN7 is serviceable enough to LN7, so I always advise just reading forward and coming back to LNs as additive content. WN18-21 deserve more attention than LN7, as those don’t even have a proper translation in the first place.

      • Well do forgive me, but my point was in reference to the claims that people actually offered themselves to help and were told the translator would rather keep on the project, with what little time he can muster. It’s on the comments right below mine, and I ask for your forgiveness if it is just a baseless gossip.

        Of course there is always more to translate, there are tons of works that are criminally underrated and receive little to no attention. It is just no the matter at hand.

        • With the project already underway, I’d rather see a consistency in the translation. Meanings and names can be interpreted differently depending on the person and the last time, Mushoku Tensei specifically, the translator changed there was very apparent adjustment phase and unresolved or changed translations that differ from previous translations. Translating from Japanese is extremely difficult. The structure of the language forces translators to make individual liberties to fill gap where there’s either no word equivalent in English or lack of information due to grammatical structures, pronouns being a notorious example.

        • If a new translators starts and just uses what the last translators used for whatever term might be ambiguous, then there shouldn’t a problem at all.

          To begin with, most people had already read the whole regular novel, with pre-established terms, and it was made with the help of nearly every translator ever.

          While Mushoku was coming out originally, the whole Web Novel trend started and most translators that translate web novels now worked on it a bit.

          I don’t think consistency is a real issue.

    • “The problem I’ve faced with finding another translator is that the current one refuses to relent and swears he will translate the entire book regardless of anyone else doing it. I would rather not have to waste resources with two people translating the same exact thing at different speeds”

      That was the reply when I offered some help, so I guess the answer is no~

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