219 thoughts on “Mushoku Tensei Vol.7”

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      Translating… … … …

      My good friend the Alien is very excitedly waiting for a new chapter, of course so am I. ('v') {.o_o}

    • I’m not sure. Right now we’re taking a somewhat short break because there’s a mountain of manga + work we both need to do. Fortunately, Ch.4 isn’t quite as long as Ch.3.

      • Glad to know whats going on, keep doing you’r best (gambare). I (*v*) and my friend {o_o.} shall patienly wait for the glorious day when Meiru-chan blesses us with a new chapter.

  1. Those fool are talking about sacrificing goats when its obvious that the proper sacrifices are chickens; friend and delivered to the staff house’s

  2. this is just like when your gf gives you head, and at the moment of ejaculation, she grips your penis so hard… UGH!!!

  3. 100%!! IT’S 100%!! JUST THE EDITING LEFT IM SO EXITED IM NOT SURE IF I CAN TAKE IT!!!!! Phuh huh…. Okay lets try and relax breathe, breathe. Haah haah phuuh…

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