Oh, My Sweet Alien ep1 p2

Alien 1.2Alien 1.2 – DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Alien 1.1 (Updated) – DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

Sorry for the delay there. I wanted this out a long time ago, but oh well. It’s done now, and that’s all that counts. 1.3 will be done and out in the next day or so as well. One thing to note: I gave up on redrawing the entire title block like I did in 1.1. Yeah, to hell with that. Way too much detail was covered up. I fell back to just redoing part of it, which I’ll continue for the rest of the book.

Oh yeah, and I included an updated version of 1.1 here too. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “v2,” but it’s out there for anyone who wants it. The original download link, as well as the reader, have been updated. It’s mostly just lettering tuning and readjusted cover colors. I sincerely doubt the vast majority will notice anything at all.

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  1. @bee: No. Its serialization ended last year. The author is still active, but he’s working on other projects now.
    @mrspiffy: Actually, it’s part 3 of episode 1, not chapter 3. This book has awkward organization. And it’s been virtually done for two days now. I was going to officially finish it yesterday, but I ran out of time. It should be out later today.

  2. Scorpian: Is this manga still on going ? If yes, then how much volumes aired ? Sorry but i dont know much information about this manga.

    • Yes, it is only one full volume. It’s a total of 18 parts (3 parts per episode, 6 episodes total). It doesn’t really end there, but then again, the story never really “began” either. It’s just a simple sitcom. Not really anything more. There’s nothing saying that he can’t go in and expand on it later.


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