A Blast From the Past: Hen-Zemi

You know I never thought I’d ever write about this ever again. Honestly. It’s been almost eight months since we decided to drop Hen-Zemi, much to the chagrin of people we knew. But hey, times do change, so I will tell you now that it has been picked up by Japanzai. Regardless of my personal opinion of Japanzai at large, the TL in charge, krachek, had the courtesy to contact us about it, so I figured I’d endorse it a bit.

So yeah, if you were a fan of Hen-Zemi, and were still waiting somehow, wait no longer.

Also, since it has been so long, I might as well say publicly why we ended up dropping it back then.

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I Love You!! Magical Angel Cosmos Ch.04

Good god. WE COMPLETED A VOLUME! Milestones, hoorah.

So thus ends the first volume of I Love You!! Magical Angel Cosmos.
Rather awesome, if I do say so myself. It’s only going to get better and crazier on out, according to the chapters にんげん has so graciously translated, and spoiled. Jeez.

DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

I would like to say a few things regarding Hen-Zemi and it’s future below, if you care.

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Not Dead

So yes, I would like to say I’m not dead and neither is the group. I was indeed bed-ridden and ill from June 16-24 with what is called E. coli, that I contracted while on a business trip to Florida. Being that I have a terrible phobia of hospitals and such, I confined myself to my bed to try to get over it.

Anyway, upon recovery I immediately got on the nearest plane to meet up with にんげん (Katakana naming is a in-joke, I’m sorry) and proceed to scan the full volumes of Cosmos we had. But alas, it is dear にんげん’s turn to go somewhere, and will be away for approx. two weeks without definite computer access. We will strive to release the next chapter regardless of the circumstances.

Also, SemiHen has been MIA from what I have been told, so Hen-Zemi is now in limbo for the time being. Again, I’m sorry. No, it’s not dropped, just… delayed! If it’s dropped, I’ll say something.