Akatsuki no Memoria Ch.07 + The Good/The Bad/The Ugly

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This was supposed to come out yesterday, but I pushed it today. It’s also mostly an announcement post.

The Good
1. Memoria is 5/6th complete! A chapter will come out every Friday until I run out of chapters.
2. After much nagging from Scorpian, I spent way too much time trying to revamp the silly staff page.
3. There’s a lot of stuff in the scheming/woodwork stages right now. Hopefully they’ll happen.
4. Spring Break for all old kids is coming soon. Time for them to get no work done.

The Bad
1. We are in need of staff! Currently looking for one or two Typesetters and a Editor. (Please respond)
   1a. This is related to #3 above. We might be able to do some afterschool plays if we can muster it.
2. I started playing Tera again. Productivity has gone down 50%. My Gold count has gone up 5000%.
3. Cosmos will be slightly delayed further due our redrawing aid disappearing, apparently.
   3a. Will continue on working once Memoria is done. Will have to white-bar all two-page spreads though. Sorry!

The Ugly
So uh… Where to begin here… In relation to being understaffed/have little free time, Sorairo Square wasn’t getting worked on. Thus we have been lapped and someone else has picked it up now. Chances are if you do read it, you probably already know. So yeah, publicly I have to say we now have officially dropped it. Because Ningen is bitter, you’ll have to find out by who on Mangaupdates. I’d say sorry, but I warned him!!

Sorairo Square CH.05


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So the reader hates me and I can’t figure out why. Whenever the moderators approve it, it should show up on Batoto. I’m too lazy to go look for a release post this time, but at least this chapter’s finally out. Now we just need to release Cosmos, and we won’t have stalled projects anymore(if only). This one only took forever. Now I need to get back to studying for a physics final I have no hope in hell of passing.

Meiru Edit: Fixed blunder of the millennium that was the release post.

Sorairo Square Ch.04

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So I decided somewhere down the line that I should act more like a co-founder and actually do something other than translate. Though I’m not sure what part of being a co-founder making the release post is, I felt like doing it this time. Chances are I’ll be making a few these regularly from now on.

Not too much goes on in this chapter, but expect some interesting developments from next chapter onwards.

This was sitting done for quite a while, and for various reasons, it didn’t end up getting released until today. Also, expect the final chapters of Houkago Play, including the bonus chapter, sometime soon. Along with Akatsuki no Memoria, assuming メイル gets over post-PSO2 withdrawal symptoms and gives me something to work with. <- Shhh…

Sorairo Square Ch.03

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Not so much a cliffhanger this time. Fumika tries to rekindle her old friendship with the amnesia-stricken Miyuki. Has she really lost all her memories?

This is the first time we’ve ever released this many things in a day, let alone a week. It’s bar none amazing.
Also I would like to note that we have changed the name “Ayane” to “Fumika”, in order to stay in line with preexisting information. (It can be read differently, hence the confusion.) Sorry about that.

Sorairo Square Ch.01 + 02

Despite delays for multiple series, we pick up another one, from the vault.

Chapter 1
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Chapter 2
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So yeah, we have another new series that has been ‘picked up’. To be perfectly honest, we’ve had this sitting around for almost as long as we’ve been a group. Partially because an unfortunate soul has done the first two chapters as well–with the terrible share raws–but it’s mostly because I’m just a horribly lazy person.

Thus cue the magnificent K, who has graced us with his presence, and swooped in and did these first two chapters in under 26 hours! Absolutely crazy. (You may know him from the iM@S circuit.) A gentleman and a scholar.

So what is Sorairo Square? Well, it’s is a story of three childhood friends who split up and have now come back together after all these years. But, what’s this? They form a lovey dovey love-triangle? And there are multiple twists?! One could only assume no good can come from this. Or can it?

All in all, it’s a treat to read and work on. Also Don’t Cry, Girl and Houkago Play will be out soon too. Probably. Hopefully.