Watamote Ch.38 + Memoria Ch.09

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Was delayed because I was waiting around if something else was going to be released now, but it turns out it wasn’t. Ah well. Both pretty short chapters considering the average. Don’t blame me for that! Also the last two Don’t Cry, Girl chapters got put back into the reader because of the recent J-Manga news.

LF> Static Healer to run MCNM/MCHM with me ;_;

Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.06

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And with this, we bring Don’t Cry, Girl to a close. We–well, I mean me–took a long time to get it done, but it was still very fun to work on. This last chapter threw all the redraws at me to fix, which took a bulk of the time, but it was a good way to experiment with some redrawing stuff anyway. There’s a ‘bonus’ chapter at the end of this volume that has nothing to do with the actual plot, nor does it even have the same characters, so we decided to skip on it. We may do it someday, I doubt it though.

A batch should be in the Mediafire folder if you want to get it all at once. As for “What now?” we have 3 projects basically stalled, you know the ones. To the girl e-mailing about it, Cosmos needs to be rescanned. Properly. (Working on it) Sorairo Square needs to be cleaned up, and I’m already all over Akatsuki no Memoria, gotta at least get something out before 2nd cour…! Oh, and we have a Projects page now. Yeah.

Anyway thanks for following along these 6 chapters. Hope you had fun reading!

Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.05

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Wait, didn’t you just say that you got a cease and de- Yes, yes we did get a C&D. So I took them off our servers, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t release this manga. Everything about scanlation can be considered illegal, sure, but since we end up doing everything from scratch, sans drawing the pages, it’s considered a fan work. It just happens to sit on top of a manga page. None of it is still hosted here though.

So yeah, Taeko and Masuda engage in a battle of wits. (Or should I say “wits”.) Taeko seems she’s managed to get a handle for Masuda… or is it the other way around?! Many things said, many things unsaid, what ever shall happen for the girl that can’t cry?

Oh my, did we hit the big time?

Some rather unfortunate news for all of you out there. We (specifically me) got contacted by JManga to take down chapters of Don’t Cry, Girl off our website since they own it now and stuff. So, effective immediately, I took them off our website. That means they’re off the reader, i.e. off the website, JManga.

This may, or may not, affect that many people directly. I can’t be sure though. It’s rather unfortunate, honestly, but I’d rather comply with the wishes of a licensee rather than attempt to engage in a potential legal battle.

What does this mean for us as a scanlation group doing this series? I’m not even sure anymore…

Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.04

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This one goes out to you ShadeCiira. You yelled at me to go faster, so I went faster…! Even though I totally didn’t want to do it, because I’m still playing PSO2.

It was announced via email a short while ago that Jmanga was going to pick up Don’t Cry, Girl. I was going to write a post about this at the time it happened, but it was like 3 AM so I ended up not doing it.

What you may, or may not know, is that Jmanga is basically a legal way to read manga online, by purchasing points to “buy” them on the service. (Yay digital copies.) Either way, it means it’s being licensed in North America, in some capacity. Chances are it will be released in bulk, or by chapter as they typically do.

Anyway, having talked to にんげん about it, as well as various other people, we decided we’re just going to say “Screw it.” and keep doing it anyway. Mostly because it’s highly improbable that many will actually read it off Jmanga anyways. To bring manga to those that are unable to read it, is why scanlators exist after all.

Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.01

Ohoho, it’s Valentines Day, and that means it’s time to realize your soul crushing loneliness.

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To ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day, and our own anniversary, we’re picking up a few of releases requested by /a/nons. This is the first among them.

Don’t Cry, Girl is our first real entry into the world of Shoujo. It’s a story about Taeko and her rather immature parents. Because of that she goes off to live with a friend of her dad’s, but it turns out he may even be worse than her parents! And thus she falls into a very weird cycle in her life.

Also because I’ve been (sick), Houkago Play gets pushed to Thursday, sorry~ \(^▽^*)