Sakuma Mayu, Worst Dere Idol

Yandesoude Yandenai Chotto Yanderu Mayu [MEGA v2] / [Reader]

Old version had QC notes and incorrect botched text rendering on bubbles with bolditalics

PuchimasuTL back on the im@s doujin grind. Ideally I’d like to get through this doujin mound by the end of this year, or at least before CG starts airing.
Are you hyped for One For All? It’s looking pretty good so far. Hopefully CG gets a full game that they’ll push with the anime.

V@nilla Valentine


So hopefully you’re all snuggled up with your loved ones in one way or another. Some of you will have a cake all revved up and ready. Some will have written a beautiful prose as to why they love her so much. Or maybe you’ll just dim the lights, light the candles and get the mood right. Maybe all of the above, who knows. It really doesn’t matter how you decide to celebrate, folks. It’s the one day of the year, make it count.
I’m not great at any of those things so I’ll just stick to my guns and TL more. Mad props to hihohahi for actually pulling through with typesetting all these on such short notice.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
I will never shut up about you.

[KONOHA (Kazuha)] Seifuku Shoujo [Sadpanda]
[Shoujo Kishidan (Oyari Ashito)] LOVE COMPLEX [Sadpanda]
[micro page (Kuromotokun)] Yukiho wo Suki Houdai shichau Hon [Sadpanda]
[KONOHA (Kazuha)] Ana hori musume no…ANAL SEX TRAINING [Sadpanda]
[KONOHA (Kazuha)] Anahori Musume no…AnalSex Training Next [Sadpanda]
[Fukunoren (Yukiwo)] Lemon cookie [Sadpanda]
[KONOHA] Watashi dake no Rakuen [Sadpanda]