From The Vault: I Love You!! Magical Angel Cosmos Ch.09 (2011-2014)

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I-It only took almost three years guys.

Today is my birthday. Another year closer to getting to Gensokyo.

The story behind this chapter is kind of funny. The last chapter released was in 2011, but we never actually dropped it until 2013. The chapter/volume itself has seen multiple cleaners, multiple scans, and multiple revisions across the years. The biggest reason for dropping it was that the redraws were harsh on everyone. At least, at the time I thought they were. (They aren’t anymore, as evident by my own personal redraw for this chapter that I did yesterday.) The redraws are dated. They were done by a redrawer for hire of sorts, where it was a doujin a redraw or so. Other than that, the chapter sat dormant for years.

Yesterday, I thought it would be funny to see how fast I can do the chapter from Raw to Release in the way I do manga now. Back in the first volume it took me around 12 hours to do ~60 pages with it all pre-cleaned. Raw to Release took me about ~8 hours, but most of it was spent idling around. It’s not the best looking release by any means, but if I conceded a little more I probably could’ve done it faster.

The script was terrible and left the way it was for the most part. Ningen’s evolved a lot since then, though that may be hard to tell. Looking at it now, I immediately remembered why this was so hard to work through. A lot of unforgiving screentones, a lot of small word balloons, and a hell of a lot of yelling for no reason. I love the series for what it means to me, but at the same time I loathe almost as much, but that’s how it goes. It was a fun exercise, but I definitely do not miss the grind of working on this series. Cosmos is dead. Long Live Cosmos.

To Sector89, I finished it. You can’t hold this over me any longer!

Kyousougiga v1 c5


Okay, so Kyousougiga is sort of hard to understand, and with a web OVA, OVA, anime, and a manga, here’s a short(ish) synopsis:

Long ago, there was a priest called Myoue who lived in Kyoto. He had the ability to make his paintings come to life. Using this ability, he created Kyouto, a mirror capital where everything in it would be fixed if it was ever broken. He also drew a rabbit named Koto. This rabbit loved Myoue and wished to be human so they could be together, so she prayed to a god, who finally granted her wish. After being in love with Myoue, Koto wanted a child, so they found a child who commited suicide after his parents died in a war, gave him a pomegranate of immortality, and then moved to live in Kyouto. After living there, Myoue also gave this child a brother, Kurama, who is an inventor, and Yase, who is a princess and a demon. After a while, Koto is taken away because of her deal with the god(s), and then Myoue leaves as well. Before leaving Myoue gives the immortal orphan his prayer beads and declares the child the new Myoue / Priest, a title which he does not want at all.

A couple years pass, and new Myoue and his siblings are ruling over Kyouto as a council of three and eagerly await the return of their parents. Suddenly, a girl (who’s name happens to be Koto, too) crashes into the mirror city and is now looking for a way to return home.

(spoilers) Now, Kurama and Yase create a plan to use Koto and a giant robot to open the door back to Kyoto to find their parents, this causes and organization to come to Kyouto to try and stop them from opening a space/time rift.

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Goodbye 2013!

As to say goodbye to 2013, here’s something I gave W3 staff when I tried to quit in August. Obviously that didn’t work as intended. Oops. May we survive another year, and actually finish more projects (hopefully!).

Ohh, dusthillguy made a song to end 2013 too.

Hello 2014!