Akatsuki no Memoria Ch.01 – MAXIMUM MARU EDITION

Today, is the first day, when we know there will be no more Lagrange… for all of 12 hours.

DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

Sorry, I’ve been stuck in a bed for the past few days trying to stave off pain and a blood infection. But I’m here, with the power of Maru, to scanlate the prequel to Rinne no Lagrange because I absolutely 1000% love this show.

I saw the latest episode, and got myself out of my bed to try clean this manga. It’s not perfect, but for the time I felt we had, it seems decent enough. Also basically forced にんげん along for the ride to translate all 50 pages, in 24 hours. We finished this in 8, so there might be errors, sorry.

Word of warning: We don’t have anymore raws.

Without raws, we can’t go on. I have talked to a namefriend on /a/ saying he might have raws. Hopefully he finds me here.

This may or may not be the only manga we pick up, I just wanted to see it through as fast as we could, before some stupid group that uses watermarks and likes money, picks it up to ride the popularity. (Only released it now since my dear Anonymous friends wanted to read it.)

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