It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.27

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Delayed until today because of the big “Fuck you!” in terms of redrawing panels. (No offense to Tanigawa-sensei.) But they were all splendidly redrawn by dusthillguy in the end, so thank him if you see him!

Replaced Akatsuki no Memoria because I didn’t really have time to finish it for today, but at least the anime ended in a Yuriverse. We also finally got the lot of books we needed, so I have to ship them off to our scanner to, you know, scan… and stuff. Hopefully all of these will start picking back up within the year so help me 神様. I know too many people have been waiting for us to get back to them. I’m sorry…!

Edit: Holy crap. Just realized the export script messes up some of the compressed screentones before upload. I will remedy this with the next chapter.

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