It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.30

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Delayed five days because I was too preoccupied watching a marathon to want to work on manga. dusthillguy saved my bacon again by redrawing 99.999999% of the pages. How does he do that!?

Things of Noteworthy Whatever (a.k.a. blatant self-promotion time):

  • Lots o’ stuff still being worked on still, maybe too much. (Includes far off future projects.)
  • Memoria, Alien, and especially, Cosmos and Soriaro Square aren’t dead, just slow. Really slow. I’m sorry.
  • PuchimasuTL and I attempted to sub an episode of Puchimasu for no reason. You can DL that here.
  • Without any explanation, I started speedrunning video games. I have the World Record for a game no one runs.
  • Love Despite is looking for sprite artists, if you want to do that for a visual novel, or something.

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    • Well assuming you’re using Firefox, it’ll do that; thanks to Mozilla being dumb and trying to get it to play MKV files natively. A Save File As/Save As should work though. I think.


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