12 thoughts on “Hen-Zemi Ch.01”

  1. YESSS!! MAXIMUM SCANLATION!! Thank you sooo much for releasing this. I don’t know what to say. You guys fucking rock. I could KISS you!

  2. Hello World Three team!
    First of all, thanks for translating the first chapter of Hen Zemi.
    I am from Semi Hen Scans, another group translating the manga. As you may have seen, we didn’t release yet, since we are lacking a skilled translator and a good typesetter, which you two seem to be. This is why I am here, to offer the help of my team for the Hen Zemi releases. Because there is no need for two groups translating the same manga, it would only be a game of rivalry.
    We would offer you our IRC channel, website and members, hoping for even better and faster releases.
    You can find us on IRC on Rizon, channel #henzemi.

    Please consider our offer, we’ll be looking forward to your answer.

  3. Right on, I’m loving the anime series and now I eagerly look forward to reading the manga. Big ups to World Three.

    This and Chisa X Pon were probably the two titles I was most waiting for a group to scanlate.


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