Houkago Play Ch.20

I’m not even entirely sure what’s going on, but we’re picking this up now or something.

DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

If you somehow don’t know already, Houkago Play is a series of volumes‒3 thus far‒that centers around a different couple with each volume. Volume 1 was translated already, and Volume 2 was started but stopped due to a myriad of problems, apparently.
So yeah, here we are.

Lots of references our dear にんげん couldn’t entirely grasp. (Neither could I, really)
Joys of not having a dedicated TLC, but that’s okay, I’m sure the points get across.

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  1. Thanks for picking this up. Also, pretty sure on page 5 in the right panel, they’re talking about the Orbital Frame (オービタルフレイム.) from ZOE (Zone of the Enders), and then right below that, it’s probably Linebarrel (ラインバレル) from Kurogane no Linebarrel . I’ll see if I can’t find volume 2 raws to see if I can’t figure out the rest.


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