It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.07 [v0]

I can sum of the release cycle of this chapter as “one hot mess“. Her face more or less resembles what mine looked like while I was trying to deal with the release stress.

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ツインテール is currently having dire life issues, so he was unavailable for this release.
Since he’s on temporary leave what am I to do without our legendary cleaner? DOUSHIO.

I asked the cleaner from the sc/a/nlation thread if he didn’t mind if I borrowed his cleans for now. Thankfully he didn’t. So I used his base cleans, did some of my own editing, and now bring you this [v0] release. We might do a [v1], but it depends on many factors. The only neglected details are from one page as well as the usual title, nothing major really.

Anyway, this chapter is filled with numerous incidences that you may have had first-hand experience in. I know I have at one point or another, so try not to feel so bad about it, ok?

4 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.07 [v0]”

  1. Thanks for the release

    Reajuu. – I think I would have used 3DPD instead of normalfag, I think it explains better what he was meaning. It’s not like the other guy wasn’t against fujoshi girls over normalfags, he was against all kind of 3D girls.

    Anyway; opinions, just saiyan, etc…


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