I Love You!! Magical Angel Cosmos Ch.07

I’ve wanted to use this panel for about four months, and now I can. YEAAAAAAAAAAH.

DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

There’s been a rise of SnO/Cosmos theories over the time we’ve released chapters, and I’ll say that this chapter will feed right into those discussions just nicely. All that exposition.
I personally like reading the theories people have, and the reactions that come with all the cameos and references that Cosmos has. Though the places they occur are rather lame.

So yes, heavy (and direct) references this time. If I told you which ones, it’d ruin the fun.

Also with /a/ being down 99% of the time, I wonder how we’ll do a sc/a/nlation of Unpoplar-chan this time around. Interesting indeed.

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