Obligatory Holiday Greetings

As most will do around this time, here’s a Happy Holidays post for you RSS cats out there.

Admittedly we didn’t really prepare anything special since にんげん and I haven’t had a chance to discuss much of anything at all, with him traversing the world like a world warrior, and me being confined to my bed with a assortment illnesses and such. But somehow we’ve managed to last almost a year though, and that itself is pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself.

Anyways, enjoy your holidays and stuff. Make sure to catch up on your various backlogs!

While I’ve been stuck in bed, I started watching Hey Arnold! again via Netflix, and you know, that show is still pretty amazing even after over about a decade since I last saw it. Helga x Arnold is totally my OTP, seriously. The way they’re characterized in the show makes it incredibly easy to forget they’re both supposed to be in the 4th grade or something. I can’t believe I’m gushing about this right now. Wow… Sorry about that.

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