And so it begins: 2012

And we’re starting off with pornograp- wait, really?

[Fuuga] Sense of Values of Wine Chapter 6
DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Sad Panda]

Yes it’s a doujin, or really just a manga with some sex scenes. It’s about a teacher and her student, bundled together in forbidden love. If you have no idea what this is, or just wondering why this is only chapter 6, then you can read the last 5 chapters [here].

Despite doing manga now, some of the first releases にんげん and I ever did were doujins; back when we were active staff for our good friends/doujin counterpart life4kaoru. Eventually we broke off and started World Three, but even then I still had a few doujins I’d really like to work on. This was one them. (Another being a Homunculus doujin, even more so a Bakemonogatari one, which I did already and it’s lovely. Read it, dude.)

We’re back. We’re alive. Keep calm and read on.

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13 thoughts on “And so it begins: 2012”

  1. Thanks for the release! I’m glad some decided to finish this one up. Just a heads up, FUUGA started a new story in November’s issue of Comic Mujin if anyone is interested.

  2. Pity you didn’t use the tankoubon scans for this last chapter, since it came out in July…
    Perhaps because its title is Sensei o Mite Kudasai ?

    Thanks all the same for the release.

    • Ehh, kinda. I knew the tankoubon scans were floating around, I was just lazy and already had the magazine raws when we decided to do it haha.

      As some suggest, I could do a re-edit using the tankoubon, but a few people have staked their claim and said they would attempt it themselves already. I’ll keep it in mind anyway though.

    • Any difference to the magazine scans apart from even less censoring – not that there’s any real one in the magazine scans to begin with?

  3. Fuuga is like the Mitsura Adachi of hentai, so I read the whole vol. in one go. Thanks for translating that last chapter.
    Obviously, I also loved that Homunculus doujin you worked on. Very cute stuff.

      • You could also just use an image uploader. Fuuga’s author words are usually cool and shred a light on what was the concept of the story, so they are usually pretty interesting.


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