It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.11

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/a/ was overrun with multiple spammers and lost Redditors, so I didn’t bother starting a thread, let alone look for one, unfortunately. The chapter this time around is still all about Tomoko and her (mis)adventures on the road to having a better life. Except, as always, with a twist. Nature can be one cruel mistress.

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13 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.11”

  1. Good job. I liked this one much more than the last chapter. I was half expecting her brother to notice only a single ant and her to think he was lusting for her again, like she thought in chapter 6.

  2. So how exactly does one register with the Japanese Amazon? I’ve gotten the English version of the registration page and don’t know where to go from here (specifically name pronunciation, do I really need to butcher my name into katakana?). Every other site is sold out of pre-orders..

    • Oh hi J. I’m pretty sure that is what you have to do, as it is a required field now, for no real reason.

      Also as that anon said a few comments down about the shipping, I will say that if your intention was just to get only that manga, then it would be wise to just wait for it to become available elsewhere upon release.
      As always Amazon JP likes to strangle the money out of non-domestic buyers with EMS, so unless you’re buying a bulk of manga the shipping cost for one copy is definitely not worth it. Hell, even buying in bulk is terrible when compared to BK1.


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