It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Vol.01 Omake

What better way to ring in the new server than with the Omake from Volume 1!
(Reader only, because it’s short so there’s no point in making an archive.)

DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

We moved servers! Did you know that? I hope not, since that was the point. Finally got everything of ours under one lone server All self-funded, of course. Kinda feels like we hit the “big leagues” now, or something. Either way it’s pretty darn awesome, and fast. WOO!

Volume 1 got scanned already, and there was a Omake, so why not. It can either make or break your incest ridden thoughts of a OTP. It’s rather cute though, honestly. I’m sure you know of all the twitter escapades that have gone on lately, as well as rough sales and such. I really hope we did our job in bringing a smile to Tanigawa-sensei’s face. She deserves every bit of it.

13 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Vol.01 Omake”

    • These were all the “extras” within the volume, seriously. The only ‘real’ changes are that the chapter number pages are missing the title and the author, as per usual with tankoubon releases. Other than that there’s nothing else.

      Plus neither I, or any of our other cleaner’s, are exactly inclined to redraw all those panels again. If anyone wants to do that, I’ll be happy to retypeset it. Else we’ll just keep pushing onward and try to improve the bi-weekly release quality as time progresses.

      • >If anyone wants to do that, I’ll be happy to retypeset it.

        If it’s not an inconvenient for you guys, I can clean (and redraw) the entire v01 raw for WWW.

        Just an example of it…


  1. “Hi. Thank you for shopping at CDJapan.
    The following item(s) is in temporary shortage.
    It is estimated to become available in the span of time shown below from now.
    within 1-3 weeks”

    It’s not my fault I’m raging like a motherfucker!

    • I know how that feels. Even though we’ve been scanlating this manga for a few months now, we still have to wait just as long as everyone else to get copies too. But hey, it’s not her fault she’s now popular.


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