Houkago Play Vol. 03: Enter the NTRtist

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Oh, by the looks of it, Houkago Play Volume 3. Whoa.

Chapter 31
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Chapter 32
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Chapter 33
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Did you miss the couple from the first volume? Well, they’re back! Momentarily. Do you somehow have a fetish for brushing teeth? Well, you might just get one involving ear cleaning, you creep.

This volume is about Volume 1’s Buchou, or as I know her by, the NTRtist. Wait, wha..? She’s a very… particular woman, I would say. (With huge boobs.) One that would whisk you away from your love, provided she had the chance. I’m sure you’ve seen the doujins, right. Yes… I’m sure of it.

We’ll probably be releasing these in chunks of three from now on, because it’ll match up well.
Loser Girl tomorrow. One can only hope /a/ does not hate us, like the hipsters they tend to be.

9 thoughts on “Houkago Play Vol. 03: Enter the NTRtist”

  1. there are DOUJINS? must find.

    I’m really glad the characters from volume 1 are back, they’re much more interesting in the way they interact…. but the club president is a welcome addition.

  2. Thanks for the chapters!

    I think I may need to go back and reread the first volume as it’s been so long since I originally read it that I don’t really remember much about it. ;)

  3. Welcome back to the original couple, and… some trouble brewing? Well, anyways, thanks for the chapters! Keep the good work guys!


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