It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.12

It’s that time again, folks. Are you ready for you totally popular yet unpopular girl?

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We’re back again, and this time it’s the precursor to Tomoko’s summer vacation! And all she wants to do is go see the fireworks. Would you take her to the fireworks if you could? I’m sure many would. As always things don’t go as keikaku, and she stumbles upon a very provocative scene. Prepare yourselves. I am patiently waiting for a fanart to appear on Pixiv that says “Hey kid, wanna /ss/?”

This is also AMHB’s first real entry in the cleaning front for us. He’s been waiting in the wings to show his stuff. Finally it’s his time, and what first showing it is!

You guys managed to sell out copies all over the internet! All along the way, we got mentioned on Kotaku, and even made peace with our dear moonlanding friends. That is absolutely amazing, man. Tanigawa-sensei really could not have asked for better fans, honestly.

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