It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.13

It’s that time again, folks! A bit late, due to a few things, but it’s here. Finally!

DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

It’s a bit special this time around. A new official abbreviation has been decided, and they’re even reprinting volumes for those that couldn’t get one during the first run! (Like me… ;_;) Our dear AMHB helped me out by editing the entire title page for this release, it’s pretty spectacular.

Tomoki’s summer vacation has officially started, and there’s so much to do! That is… until you run out of things to do, and have to resort to doing things you would never do other wise, that may or may not lead you to attempting to release your “girl power” in your sibling’s room.

Ah, I’m also a part of the art team of a Katawa Shoujo spin-off project called “Katawa Shoujo Plus”. (I colored the girl on the credits page!) We’re looking for artists, so if you think you got the chops, come visit us at our IRC channel, it’ll be awesome. Seems the quota has been met! Thank you all to those that did come by and chat.

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