Miscellaneous Status Report

Just a small one-off post on the status of releases, if you actually follow stuff other than ‘Loser Girl’.

Since I’m the sole typesetter (hint, hint, we’re looking for another), things tend to get stuck when I’m not able to do them; be it due to illness–I’m sick right now–or being busy with life things/other projects.

Anyway, here’s where things stand right now, assuming none have been typeset. Yet.

Cleaned & Translated
Houkago Play Chapters 34 – 46
• Don’t Cry, Girl Chapter 02

Only Translated
• Magical Angel Cosmos Chapters 09-11

Oh right. We don’t do a lot of projects. Ha. Ha.

Cosmos has indeed been bought, debound, and scanned in. Our main cleaner on it has been busy with life, so unfortunately it has taken a bit of a back seat. Same goes for a few other things that are on the back burner (for months). I apologize if you are forever waiting.

Because we have such internal delays, we ended up having a “FoOlz-like” release schedule, where things come out as they’re finished, as opposed to having it all scheduled. (SnO WHERE?) Of course, It’s Not My Fault will come out as soon as possible, every two weeks, since even I need some sort of scheduled thing I look forward to.

Speaking of which, to the kind Anon that is cleaning the tank for us, I will be doing it. Don’t worry.

All in all, I’ll try to get stuff out a bit faster, if I can. No promises though.
If you’d like to help out, feel free to contact us/me about it, because any help is appreciated.

Once again, thanks for reading. (If you did.)

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