Houkago Play Ch.34 – 36

Chapter 34
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Chapter 35
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Chapter 36
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This took over a month to come out and it was absolutely my fault. Finally got well enough to work on things again. I’m trying to make sure that will never happen again, but knowing me I will somehow manage to find a way to mess it up.

I realized the first few chapters were more of a prologue for the volume than anything. Which lead me to wish that I didn’t keep the continuing chapter number scheme that was laid out before, but it can’t be helped I suppose. Thus, chapter 36 is the real “start” to the volume.

Also, our head TL, にんげん, has been coming under some fire over the quality of some of his translations, to which I’ve promptly talked to him about. Japanese is obviously not his first language, so if you see any such errors or have problems remember to contact us about it and stuff so I can discuss it with him. He’s been trying to get better at it lately.

12 thoughts on “Houkago Play Ch.34 – 36”

  1. That kohai, what gender are they? They use female terms but their uniform is masculine. I thought it was the character from Kurosaki’s “On”.

    • To be honest, there isn’t really any concrete evidence for what gender the kouhai is. I arbitrarily decided that she was female around the time I was translating the part in the image below. (By the way, that method of referring to someone is also gender neutral, I just thought she looked like a girl). http://i.imgur.com/c5Vc7.png

      • I don’t know about concrete evidence but there are several signs.

        Kurosaki’s oneshot: http://c.mfcdn.net/store/manga/9393/000.0/compressed/c01.jpg

        If this is a prototype for the kohai it seems strange that the author would alter the gender for Houkago Play while still opting to use a male’s school uniform. Furthermore the chapter is called Paiderastia, a reference to pederasty, which has nothing to do with girls.

        And I’m not attempting to be a smart ass.

        • Agreed regarding the impression that that person is male, which is part of the humour/pleasure of that all-male scene.
          For some reason, the only female pronoun which stood out to me was on page eight.
          (Also acknowledgement that the matter is not a translation issue, in terms of word interpretation.)

          (General impressions: Continuing joy/enjoyment regarding this series! There’s also unusual/new pairing uncertainty regarding the library person; if with the jagged-hair new(?) person then it fits, but if there’ continued interest in the straight-hair new(?) person then what would happen to the braided-hair person… but, in any case, the portrayed emotional states of the characters in this fiction are so wonderful that pretty much any occurrence is {worth reading}/{enjoyable to read}. *happiness*)

        • Yeah, I can see where you guys are coming from, but I didn’t know anything about this series prior to starting it, so I just went with my own personal judgement. Since the gender is never specified, and I could hardly call the person “it” I just went with the one I thought worked

      • No problem, I appreciate your work, but the chapter should be updated. I think “she” is misleading to the reader in respect to all the evidence.

        • Gotcha. I don’t really bother doing updated files since they hit aggregate sites quickly anyway, but since you requested so, it’s been done.

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