Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.02

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Another manga that hasn’t seen a release in over a month which is absolutely deplorable. Mostly because this manga doesn’t deserve such treatment at all. (The same can be said for Cosmos too..) But alas it is here, and I will say, I really do like this manga a whole lot.

Again, if you find any problems, with anything, don’t hesitate to say so.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.02”

  1. Thanks for the release! This chapter was as awesome as the first one. I still can’t believe such a manga exists. Really, thank you so much for bringing it to us. >.<

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG… how funny was this chapter!? I’m with ya… I like this alot too! Thanks for the chapter. Oh gosh… still giggling!


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