It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.15

Battling illness, our great WWW staff forges onward to release a new chapter.

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It’s been two weeks, so here is the latest chapter of It’s Not My Fault again. にんげん and I both managed to get kinda sick due to nature being really lame, but that’s okay, a kind /a/non helped us a little bit in the /a/ thread. I had to redraw everything this time around, since AMHB has been busy, but I still found it simple overall. Ironically the typesetting was the hardest part of this chapter.

As always remember to shout out any errors we may have missed. We don’t have a designated TLC so moon in-jokes tend to slip through the cracks. We’re both trying to get better at it though, seriously.

Also, It’s Not My Fault will be taking a week off, so no new chapter for the rest of the month.

21 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.15”

  1. The download link is going really slow. Got it to work once, and the file was empty. Is there another link I can use to download it?

  2. Whoa, it got translated the very day it was up on gangan’s website.
    How long does it take for you guys to translate a chapter, by the way? I’m always curious about that.

    • >Whoa, it got translated the very day it was up on gangan’s website.

      That’s always been the case for It’s Not My Fault for a while now. In relation to how fast we do this series, it depends on how we’re feeling that day, as well the amount text needed to be TL’d, and redrawing required. Typically we try to get it in the 5-6 hour window from when it releases online to 12 AM PST. We only miss it if either of us is feeling really ill that day, usually it’s me.

      That being said though, we’ve done it in less than three hours before.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter.
    page 4 “How about Momoko?” is slightly off. “Momoko, right?” is better. When she said her name, she stuttered so badly that he actually mistook her name for Momoko. So when kii-chan told him about “Tomoko onee-chan”, he didn’t understand it.

    page 5 変なおじさん is a reference for the Japanese comedian Ken Shimura. Her line “Yes, I’m Momoko” sounds like his famous gag “Yes I’m the strange old man”(「はい。私が変なおじさんです」).


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