It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.16

The phrase of the week is… “Hey, I challenge you to a children’s card game!”

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Mokkochi is back once again! Although the chapter is shorter than most, it’s decently nice. We personally didn’t find it as soul-crushingly depressing as the last one. But who knows, maybe it was for you. If so, I’m sorry then good sir and/or madam.

But it managed to collectively sell 100,000 copies!

That’s pretty damn impressive, considering how small it’s origin was, or how small we are at that.

Cleaning and TL were finished within minutes of each other, and since the chapter was short I actually had a chance to edit the TL. (I rarely get a chance to it as of late) Hopefully I did a good job.

Housekeeping Whatever: Again, we’re still looking for a spare Typesetter, since I’ve been slacking. Will definitely try to pick up the pace soon.
Also, if you noticed, the blog looks different. Or maybe just looks like a bad Chinese knockoff of the original. (Sorry UTW!) I spent a little while trying to redesign stuff to mesh with our WWW theme of being ‘dark’. I’m not very good at coding HTML/PHP and CSS so sorry if things are buggy.

10 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.16”

    • Admittedly, we’re all kinda impressed and surprised it sold that many. But it’s still a very pleasant surprise, and I hope Tanigawa-sensei at least gets some sort of non-pitiful kickback from it all.

  1. 100k copies? I’m sure that’s way more than the author actually expected it to sell. Even I who bought some didn’t think it would go past a couple thousand…

    I mentioned in a earlier message I’m available for typesetter if you need one as well, and wouldn’t mind being a spare, keep up the good work.


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