Sorairo Square Ch.03

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Not so much a cliffhanger this time. Fumika tries to rekindle her old friendship with the amnesia-stricken Miyuki. Has she really lost all her memories?

This is the first time we’ve ever released this many things in a day, let alone a week. It’s bar none amazing.
Also I would like to note that we have changed the name “Ayane” to “Fumika”, in order to stay in line with preexisting information. (It can be read differently, hence the confusion.) Sorry about that.

5 thoughts on “Sorairo Square Ch.03”

  1. I’m definitely liking this one as well as ‘Popular.’

    I haven’t really followed subbers sites before, but with tastes like these, who can resist?

  2. i really like the story i just that takes almost 4 months for another release hope you can make it faster cause this manga is already complete. so if you finish this one you can focus on another one. thanks for the release, im hoping for a faster release god bless.

  3. Hey
    I see too little appreciation posts in here and it makes me add one.
    I downloaded this just out of curiosity (I follow the Looser girl mainly), but I have to say it cought me. Keep it up WWW, and thank you for introducing me to Sorairo Square.

  4. Like this read… however, just when ya really getting into the story, the chapter ends. T.T

    Thanks for the latest chapter.


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