H-Here we go again…!

Volume 2 Pre-orders Start Today!

As to not inundate the release post with all this stuff, I figured I’ll just do it separately. So yes, volume 2 will be coming out in May, it seems, so pre-orders have begun. What’s in store for this volume? I have no idea, but I’ll buy 2+ copies again just because I can. Once again, I’ll provide (non-affiliate) links where you can buy and stuff. Also please don’t hate her for her Beats. (For the record, I use Miophones, with a Fiio E10.)

Amazon.co.jp | Honto | YesAsia | CDJapan
[¥500 = $6.15 USD = €4.70]

I personally recommend BK1 or CDJapan with SAL shipping (2-4 weeks), or EMS (1-2 weeks) if you can afford it. A guide can be written if you have no idea how to use BK1, since it’s not that hard. YesAsia has problems with displaying if things are sold out, thus you may get back-ordered. Amazon JP will literally wreak havoc on your money with shipping, use it as a last resort.

Remember to support manga/authors you like!

21/05/2012 Edit: BK1 has now become Honto. Link has been updated accordingly.

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  1. With the recent chapters in mind, I don’t think I can do it this time. I feel a bit bad for the author, as sales will probably be a huge disappointment compared to the first volume.


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