Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.04

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This one goes out to you ShadeCiira. You yelled at me to go faster, so I went faster…! Even though I totally didn’t want to do it, because I’m still playing PSO2.

It was announced via email a short while ago that Jmanga was going to pick up Don’t Cry, Girl. I was going to write a post about this at the time it happened, but it was like 3 AM so I ended up not doing it.

What you may, or may not know, is that Jmanga is basically a legal way to read manga online, by purchasing points to “buy” them on the service. (Yay digital copies.) Either way, it means it’s being licensed in North America, in some capacity. Chances are it will be released in bulk, or by chapter as they typically do.

Anyway, having talked to にんげん about it, as well as various other people, we decided we’re just going to say “Screw it.” and keep doing it anyway. Mostly because it’s highly improbable that many will actually read it off Jmanga anyways. To bring manga to those that are unable to read it, is why scanlators exist after all.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.04”

  1. Yay for your tough decision! Although I really want to support the mangaka, but seriously, I’m just a nowhere-near-good Japanese learner. I did have one tankoubon of this manga but I just can’t get what they’re saying in the pictures xD. So your scanlations helps me very much. You guys have my support, hehe.

    I won’t say it isn’t worth buying the English version while you already had the Japanese one. I just can’t afford that god-damn expensive shipping fee ~_~

  2. gotta love your “screw it” philosophy :D
    you guys are awesome!!!!
    idk if i’ve already said this, but i just really appreciate that you guys are translating don’t cry girl so fast. i’m glad a non-bl work by yamashita is being made available to people, though i love her bl stuff too.
    and if jmanga does force you guys, i’ll understand of course.

  3. SOOOO HAPPY that you guys decided to continue it after all. My group had the misfortune to drop a series because of Jmanga and I’m just so glad that you won’t have to do the same. I love this manga so fucking much! Thank you!

    • Well, to be frank, if Jmanga does order us to take it down, then we’ll take it down. Of course by then it’ll probably be on various other places so it’s not a entirely lost cause.

  4. THE MANGA GOD/GODDESS and all the Manga readers/whore bless ya for keeping this read going. Yay! So happy! Oh… thanks for the chapter! ~ti-hi~


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