12 thoughts on “Houkago Play Ch.40 – 42”

  1. Thanks for the chapters!

    I saw in v02 raws an intro chapter that comes before the Chapter 17.

    Can you release it ?

    • Oh. Is it the one that included all the main characters? If so, I’ve been thinking of doing that when we finish off vol 3. It’s rather short, so there’s not really a problem with length or anything. Though we’re kind of slowed currently due to finals.

  2. Exciting! Before, I made a comment noting discomfort at the roundabout way that was being taken to sort into pairings (assuming the straight-fringe person would pair with the pigtails girl and the untidy-fringe person with the library girl) in the style of the previous two cases, but learning that it’s a completely different development from what was imagined I’m excited to learn how this plays out!

    (Breaking up with the library girl sad if it happened, harem-style pleasant but unlikely, unfaithfulness with pigtails girl moderate interestingness and plausibility, pigtails girl reacting in an interesting-to-observe emotional way and ending up with someone else (the untidy-fringe person or otherwise the ‘default guess’ for now… but actually, all of those imply interestingness immediately following, or shortly thereafter. A shame if we never see the details of the pigtail girl’s immediate/full reaction depicted. *happiness and curiosity*)


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