It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.18

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Tomoko’s summer draws to a close, and she’s not very content with just letting it go by, like every other time before. Will her plan to end her summer be successful, or will she end up falling into another set of unfortunate circumstances? One can only hope for the best!

Started the chapter approx. 4 hours late due to me being completely enamored by PSO2’s fan event today (I NEED my fix, Sega), and にんげん being rather busy. The chapter is on the short side, but the redraws were uhh… not. Spent almost 5 hours working on those, oho. Hence why it’s out at this time today. There’s a line or two I’m pretty iffy on, but I don’t have anyone to check with right now, so I might change them later.

Also, having come back to reality, I’ve been reading all your requests/complaints/whatever. Yes, I know, I need to hurry up on a number of things. Namely Akatsuki no Memoria and Cosmos.  I just need, uh, better time management skills and stuff.

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