Houkago Play Volume 3 End + Volume 2 “Extra”

Chapter 43
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Chapter 44
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Chapter 45
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Volume 2: Chapter 00
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And with this, we end the long road that is Houkago Play. It really has been a long road since we picked it up after kyonkundenwa last October. (Last October…?!) In that time the chapter’s passed from purely my hands, to K and Sector89. Was pretty cool to directly see how it was approached by another perspective. The ending itself is more or less a mystery, but maybe it was a good end? The world may never know.

The “Chapter 00” is the chapter at the very front of volume 2, that shows all the main characters from the volumes. Apparently it was never translated, so a fan requested us to do it, and so we did. What does this mean for Houkago Play now? I don’t know really. The story is technically not over, since I own a copy of Houkago Play R. Maybe we’ll do it, maybe not. We’ve got a lot on our plate still, behind the scenes.

Either way, it’s been fun. I hope you all enjoyed reading along, as much as we did working on it.
Batches will probably come tomorrow/very soon, for those waiting. Watch the DDL.

10 thoughts on “Houkago Play Volume 3 End + Volume 2 “Extra””

  1. It seems that Houkago Play continued serialization recently on Dengeki Playstation Magazine. I spotted a serialization on last month’s issue on Kino.

    Should I get the raw and scan for you guys?

  2. Thank you so much I am so grateful you all put such great efforts into translating this for all of us. I really enjoyed this series a ton. I hope that you can some day translate Houkago Play R. Keep up the good work! :D

  3. Woah not the end already… I’ll read the last chapters another time, to savour them -and cry over the kanojos- .
    Thank you a lot for your work on HP, I hope you’ll do HPR .

  4. *JOY!*

    I find myself very curious about panel 7 of page 14… did I miss something earlier, is that something that happened which was never referred to directly, or is it the glasses-girl’s memory of herself from a past doom-related relationship (which probably happened in any case)?

    Very curious about how non-one-sided the non-platonic part of the teacher/student relationship actually was.

    In any case, a very satisfying conclusion!

    If the continuation were translated, I would very happily read it as well.

  5. That was… wicked! In an awesome way! Thank you very much for finishing this series, and please do continue with Houkago Play R. A lot of people will be very grateful.


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