It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Vol.02 Omake

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Volume 2’s been out for a little over a week now, but raws only surfaced recently, so we went ahead and translated the Omake just like last time. There’s a short of a author thing at the end of this one that sheds a little more light on the Twitter ‘incident’ and who they are as a duo.

The volume itself has already sold over 60,000 units in it’s first week, placing it in the Top 10! I for one, as the person that typesets thing manga, find it to be spectacular. Seems we, as a collective whole, managed to change Japanese perception once again. It’s pretty neat.

Edit: Key error on the last page; I neglected a “not”. Should be fixed now. (Too late for aggregate sites.)

P.S. HP batches aren’t there yet, since I got sick again. Should pass soon though.
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  1. Male/Female duo, I think the female one is the one without glasses, who also is the one that usually responds to things on Twitter. It may very well may be the other way around; I’m not entirely sure.

  2. I have a question: Tanigawa Nico is a duo, but they’re 2 girls? A girl and a guy? Who’s the author (story) and who does the drawing? The Q&A didn’t really clear it out…

  3. Seems my previous attempt to post a comment got blocked by the spam filter, so guess I’ll see if removing the Website URL gets it to work:

    Hmm… I don’t have convenient access to the original Japanese text at the moment, but, on page 5, are you sure it shouldn’t be something more like:
    “even though I didn’t even put them on”

    For one thing, I believe pants and lower underwear (thongs and fundoshi aside) are generally referred to in the plural, even if it’s just a single “pair”.
    And then, doesn’t the sentence make a little more sense if she’s saying “even though they weren’t even dirty”? Could be wrong, but I’m guessing there was an implied pronoun there that got inferred incorrectly.

    • I don’t think it was flagged as spam, seeing as I get emails about those. Only time it does that is if it’s more than 3 URLs, I think.

      As for the line, it was originally translated as “He’s washing his hands even though he didn’t even put it on…” From the context, in general, it seems she was expecting him to do something perverted to her underwear. (Wearing it, masturbating into/with it, etc.) Also as you say, yeah, underwear/’pantsu’ is usually translated as plural “panties” in English. Relating back to the hope of him doing something perverted, that may or may not fit well, taking in who she is as a character. You know, since she thought being greasy was good and all that.

      Here’s that panel from the raw if you want to double-check. [Here]

  4. What you should do is have a post that has both tags, and then use the new one after that. On the post, mention something about refreshing the RSS feed or something.


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