Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.06

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And with this, we bring Don’t Cry, Girl to a close. We–well, I mean me–took a long time to get it done, but it was still very fun to work on. This last chapter threw all the redraws at me to fix, which took a bulk of the time, but it was a good way to experiment with some redrawing stuff anyway. There’s a ‘bonus’ chapter at the end of this volume that has nothing to do with the actual plot, nor does it even have the same characters, so we decided to skip on it. We may do it someday, I doubt it though.

A batch should be in the Mediafire folder if you want to get it all at once. As for “What now?” we have 3 projects basically stalled, you know the ones. To the girl e-mailing about it, Cosmos needs to be rescanned. Properly. (Working on it) Sorairo Square needs to be cleaned up, and I’m already all over Akatsuki no Memoria, gotta at least get something out before 2nd cour…! Oh, and we have a Projects page now. Yeah.

Anyway thanks for following along these 6 chapters. Hope you had fun reading!

12 thoughts on “Don’t Cry, Girl Ch.06”

  1. Wow, thank you so much for translating this manga! I’ve been wanting to read for so long!
    I collect issues of the magazine Kurofune ZERO and this was serialized in it. I would look at the pictures, wondering what in the world is going on~!! Although, you can kind of guess since the story is very overt, haha. thank you so much for this!

  2. Thank you for working on it!

    It was really nice to read realistic and, yet, funny gag manga.

    Also its a great, clean release, so thank you again for your hard work!

  3. Finally, the last chapter! Thanks for doing it until the end, I really appreciate that ;_;. I’ll save it for tonight when I’m done with work. Hopefully sensei won’t fail me xD. I’m struggling not to read it right now ~

  4. You guys are the best. Thanks so much for bringing forth this insanely hilarious series. It was definitely fun to read! :-P *Hugz*


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