My Computer Blew Up

My computer decided to die on me, and with it, all my hard drives and such. Some stuff next week will (maybe) be delayed if I cannot repair my computer by then, but that is primarily things I work on. All our wonderful staff is still continuing to work on their projects though, even as I type, so at least there we be releases. I’m currently on a computer so old that it hits 80°C on idle at times, and just minimizing and maximizing a window has a huge delay. I don’t even.

If you know some stuff about the master race please read my story and comment if you can. ;_;

I have this P8P67 Pro who’s Mosfets blew out seemingly overnight after I powered off. I determined this primarily because my computer would at least boot without the 8-Pin. So I figure it must be only the motherboard, and I thus go out to buy a new P8Z77-V Pro. (Sales clerk in the store didn’t even know anything; had to explain to him what the differences were on his own products. Screw you Fry’s.) I try to breadbox it and it would turn on even with the 8-pin, but it wouldn’t POST. I tried re-seating the RAM, GPU, and CPU a few times, as well as CMOS resetting and whatever. Nothing worked. Upon looking at the CPU socket closely, I learned that all the pins were bent in a weird way (turns out this is on purpose), but I eventually realize I have a DOA motherboard because yeah, fuck you too Asus. I think my power supply may be at fault too, so I might end up trying to get a new one. I’m kinda low on pocket money so it’ll be hard, but that cannot be helped…!

I guess it can be the CPU too, but…. Well I really don’t want to think about that, haha.

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  1. Could be the CPU. I remember hearing that some motherboards will say they are compatible with a CPU but they are really only compatible with the newer revisions of that CPU.

    • If this is the case, only real fix is to either
      1: Use a New revision CPU or compatible CPU to update the bios. This will sometimes allow the motherboard to work with an older revision.
      2: Somehow find a P8P67 Pro and return the P8Z77-V Pro.

      • Actually, I mixed that up. That is if you have a newer revision CPU in an older motherboard. Scratch everything I’ve said.

  2. A fundraiser? I can barely stand the thought of having donations for raws, let alone my own personal computer gripes, haha. I just hope a new motherboard will solve my problems!

  3. My only suggestion is to fundraise you a new computer -_-. Without access to spare components, it’s hard to test computer parts and figure out what’s broken…

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