21 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.28”

  1. The Pillows are pretty damn good, and I love how candid you were about it all. I look forward to delegating this work to some other unlucky bastard!

    • Ah, yeah, I have it. Recently beat the Future Arc and that sent me into all of this. It was an “OK” game for a Tales of game to me. People said the best thing was the combat, but that devolved to attack -> guard -> win by the end. At least Sophie helped me pull through all of it. Also Asbel sucks.

      • Personally I liked both the combat and the skits (especially late game ones.) I found the combat to be more about evasion considering just how little one can take while guarding on harder difficulties. What I enjoyed most about the battle system is how one can build combos.

        I haven’t touched Vesperia myself but I hope you’re having fun.

        • Well the guarding was really a easy way to regain CC, but also to abuse Sensor Flare + Shotstaff Blast + Red Charge on Sophie. I didn’t really get hit that often because the way I comboed would end with a Deadly Force, and it’s either that causes a knockdown or Pascal/Hubert would have them in stunlock, then I just do it again.

          Vesperia is fun and is my favorite over all. It’s a preference thing with Tales of games, I prefer Team Symphonia over Team Destiny.

        • Yeah I see what you mean. The real challenge I’ve seen in the game comes from the bosses while regular encounters are usually nothing but cannon fodder… Except in the Zhonecage, maybe. I’m more of a Team Destiny person myself though I don’t really mind much either way.

          Don’t know if you’ve already given Xillia a look or not but I’m looking forward to that hitting stateside.

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