Website/Server went down because I was tinkering with some stuff. Made a Twitter only to realize it would be largely useless in the end. 99% of the things I was messing with didn’t come to fruition. Oh, and I ditched Cloudflare, finally, because it sucks as a free service (their DNS management is shit tier).

People asked if we had an IRC channel, so I ask you people out there: Should we get a IRC channel?

Never really needed one, but it has come up a before. May as well ask the masses, since yeah. Hi.
If we did, it’d be on Rizon, because IRChighway is for squares and silly scanlator ‘drama’.

9 thoughts on “Oops”

    • Yeah it’s always bothered me too. I might try to fix it, but it would probably break within an update due to the theme creator being rather incompetent when it comes to actual design.

  1. If you do I’ll probably idle in it unless there’s too much chat about currently airing anime. (BDs are the only way)

    If you don’t nothing changes.

  2. I like to have a place to idle on for a really long time. Then, on a random night around 4am, I’ll rant for like 30 minutes about nothing.
    Maaake itttt~


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