Third Time’s the Charm

Volume 3 Pre-orders Are Go!

Probably rather late in posting about this, but I’ve been away for a week so that can’t be helped. I actually remember what I felt when working on every panel featured on the cover this time around, it’s pretty weird. I’m not redrawing bottom center again though, nope nope nope. | Honto | YesAsia | CDJapan
[¥500 = $6.08 USD = €4.70]

One again I recommend Honto or CDJapan with SAL shipping (2-4 weeks), or EMS (1-2 weeks) if you can afford it. The latter over the former if you can’t into runes. YesAsia can screw you over with shipment times. AmazonJP should be avoided unless you like paying 3x the price of the book for shipping itself.

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