An invisible hovercraft thing

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I used to have a car like that. It was pretty cool until I forgot where I parked…

The original plan was to have this done by Wednesday. Technically, I met that. But I held it back so Sirus could look over it for me. Good thing too. He was able to help me fix some of the dialogue that was driving me crazy.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, these images I’ve been posting are from Mr. Miyata’s newest series, Why not be my dog?

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    • I am currently working on a oneshot from an older issue of fellows. I’m just waiting until Comicraft’s New Year’s sale so I can get the fonts I want to do it. That won’t be released here though. Keep an eye on opposed for that.

      Also, Be My Dog is from fellows, and I definitely wouldn’t mind lettering that one. Hell, I cared enough about it to buy the book and scan it.

      • Oh I will!!! I think I saw Sometimes Mellow on /a/ sometime in July and fell in love with Irie Aki, Mori Kaoru, Kasai Sui and Tomi Akihito and any Beam Comix artist I could find translated (in one fell swoop like clothes at the beach on a hot summer day).

        And you guys added Miyata Kouji! If you DO decide to do Be My Dog, just more awesome news :3.


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