Watamote! Ch.32.5 – We’re Already Dead Edition

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Against all odds, and despite my joke 15 chapters ago, Watamote now has a greenlit anime! It is definitely something I never imagined happening when I accidentally stumbled into the /a/ thread over a year ago at this point. I am damn well proud of everyone that is a fan of this manga, even those that created a stain on its ‘history’. Better rev up those bank accounts so you can buy the Blu-Rays.

The title “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!” has also been incorrect since the Anon translated it that way for Ch. 2. Yes, I’ve known this since then, but have kept it that way mostly for reader recognition purposes, and partly for nostalgia. (Current post title is this way because it was too long.)

Also this will be the last chapter tagged with ‘Loser Girl’. Been planning on changing it to Watamote for months, so now it finally has happened. Change your RSS feed accordingly.

Happy holidays!

16 thoughts on “Watamote! Ch.32.5 – We’re Already Dead Edition”

  1. Oh god, I know that feel hard.
    So much time spent doing the unproductive routine, just to avoid change.
    Twenty one years old and still I barely, rarely take the other option.
    Of course, at this age you have the benefit of legal booze.
    Three, five years ago: completely fucked.
    Unless you had friends (lol) with parents gone for the weekend.

  2. Jesus, and to think you guys used to help me out with Amagami stuff, and now it’s not out of the realm of possibility you helped spurn interest for the anime announcement, who would have thunk it?

  3. Thanks for the chapter. Brings back memories…. new year’s eve 2008, told my parents I was at a party and just walked to the city and back.

  4. Thanks for the chapter and for doing this for so long. Getting a new chapter of Watamote always brightens my day.

    So who’s getting the blurays? I know I am.

  5. She’s still a loser, just a popular loser X03!

    Also goes to show you what happens when people ACTUALLY support the author by buying the manga.

    Thanks a lot for the chapter =03.


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