Who ate all the damn cookies?

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Truth be told, I had this one half done for a while. I’ve just been focusing my lettering on another project (coming soon). But since the script on that one was driving me nuts, I took a break to throw some letters on this one and push the release. Part 2 is in a similar position, so that will follow sooner rather than later.

Anyway, this is probably the wackiest part in the entire series. It’s actually the one that convinced me to buy this book in the first place. Definitely a worthwhile decision if I do say so myself. This part also marks the first part of the second half of the book. Only eight parts left after this!

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    • The image I posted with the release is from Empowered though. I just went ahead and linked it since it’s something that’s very easy to buy and immediately start reading. Worth every penny too. That whole book is funny as hell.


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