It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.37

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Ironically after having asked about weekly or tanks last week, this came out. Though I totally blanked and forgot it even did. Thankfully dusthillguy is always ontop of things, and by the time I noticed it was even out, everything was already redraw. This was a nice chapter, so as a treat you can have the Tomoko off the first page.

Also, it says Watatomo is actually called Tomomote–they probably did that on purpose–so when the next chapter of that comes around I’ll change the tag to that. Thankfully there’s not that many chapters out so it won’t be too bad.

13 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.37”

  1. Her conversation with that guy got my shipping senses tingling, but left me really disappointed. Sure, this is one of those “It’s funny because I can totally relate to that” manga, but some kind of emotions or character development is long overdue.

  2. You’re right, that would make more sense.

    Does anyone know if this is actually the start of volume five? Since the volumes so far have had 9 chapters each and the previous chapter was the 9th in volume four.

    • But when Tomoko poses, he says “huh?” and has a sweatdrop as he takes her picture, and then the dude standing there takes HIS picture as he stands with two other people.

  3. I think something got lost in translation regarding the whole picture taking thing that part wasn’t really clear, thanks for the chapter anyway.

    • I think he was actually asking if SHE’D take a picture of HIM, but she misunderstood and posed for a picture. He took a picture just to get out of the awkward situation and then asked the other guy instead.

      Might be a translation issue.


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