Watamote Ch.38 + Memoria Ch.09

my childhoodWatamote 38 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Memoria 09 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

Was delayed because I was waiting around if something else was going to be released now, but it turns out it wasn’t. Ah well. Both pretty short chapters considering the average. Don’t blame me for that! Also the last two Don’t Cry, Girl chapters got put back into the reader because of the recent J-Manga news.

LF> Static Healer to run MCNM/MCHM with me ;_;

12 thoughts on “Watamote Ch.38 + Memoria Ch.09”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you a lot for traduct with so much quality Watamote (and the other mangas btw)
    I’m a french Hight-School guy, and I think I’d won’t be able to read mangas type “Slice Of Life” just like Watamote without people like you, ’cause those kind of mangas aren’t published in France.
    You have my full support for the next realeases.

    … In fact, what is the real name of Kuroki and her brother ?
    Sometime it’s looks like she’s named “Kuroki”, but her mother call her “Tomoko”… but I thought that was her family name …?
    Same thing for her bro’, I thought he was nammed “Tomoki”
    I’m a bit lost, I admit.


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