Akatsuki no Memoria Ch.12 & 13 + Houkago Play R Ch.01

smile-for-meMemoria 12 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Memoria 13 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Houkago Play R 01 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

Today we mark the end of another great volume, but also the beginning of another (potentially). Memoria 12 has been done since before April, but I missed the release day for it, and 13 wasn’t even done, so I skipped the next week, and now it’s here today.

Since Cosmos has been sealed away for a while, I focused all my remaining energy into working on Memoria. I still have no idea what it is about Lagrange that I like so much, but I really like it a whole damn lot. I look forward to seeing what the next volume has in store… as soon as I get around to buying it…

But also, I decided to up and release this first chapter of Houkago Play R that I did as a test run to figure out fonts and placement. As the last page of the release implies, it’s a recruitment ploy…! So we are looking for people to work specifically on this, but can bring whatever else they want, or work on things we have already.

If we get no one it’ll default back to me, and well, I work on a whole lot of other things here, on top of struggling with a MMO addiction. Thus if it did default back to me, it’d most likely get put on the backlog until I get around to it. Which may take seemingly forever as you may know. That is why I’m begging recruiting!

–Batch for Memoria will probably be out next week. Because there’s some errors I want to fix. As well as realizing “Guerrilla” has been misspelled this whole time. I’m a terrible person.

7 thoughts on “Akatsuki no Memoria Ch.12 & 13 + Houkago Play R Ch.01”

  1. In “Stats” on page 6 it uses “STR, VIT, AGI, PER” as RPG stats, which traditionally would stand for strength, vitality, agility, and perception, but you use roughly synonymous terms instead. Should that be so?

    In “Balance” on page 8 you use the word “vitality” anyway.

    • Yeah there’s a few of errors in this thing since I didn’t bother with TLC so I consider it v0, and Ningen got tired of TL like 2 pages in.

      Those in particular though are to do with a mix of Kanji for the stat types, and then Katakana for the descriptors, since it really does say パワ―, スタミナ, スペ―ド,and センス. In retrospect I probably should have just changed it to Strength, Vitality, Speed, and Perception as you said, though I kind of rather not deal with making perception actually fit in that balloon.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter of HP! I hope to see more of it. On a related note, there where these other extra chapters released some time ago i’m wondering if you know about them. You translated part of it in the vol.2 extra(strategic foresight). From what i can tell there are 4 extras: Receptacle, Erotic, loyalism, and the rest of Strategic Foresight. Hopefully if there’s enough interest in these chapters we get to see them translated.

  3. Thank you so very much for the first chapter of Houkago Play R, I hope you find the needed people to keep the chapters coming and looking forward to the rest of the volume.

  4. I died the moment I saw that there is a new chapter of HP available. Thank you so much Q________________Q And good luck in finding dedicated translator for this, hope there is actually one out there :)


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