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Alien 5.1Alien 5.1 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

I’ve tried to advertise a different series with every episode, but I ran out of ideas here. And thus, we’re back to this little gem. I guess I can semi-promote it here. If anyone’s interested in translating it or the likes, please let me know. I already have scans, and I call dibs on editing the script and lettering it.

Anyway, 5.1 is also the first part where I started experimenting with a new, more advanced lettering style. CloudSplitter BB has autolig support built in (I only use OpenType fonts), but it also has different variations of each letter tied to the upper- and lowercase characters. Keeping that in mind, I swapped between versions when two of the same letter were near each other. I also found that this sometimes resulted in different character widths, so I utilized that to tweak the final line width and make it fit the balloon shape more naturally. Well, in addition to manually stretching/condensing the character width for the entire line, that is. Way too much effort? Probably. Worth it? I think so. Feedback is always welcome. Any comments on my lettering style are appreciated, so long as they’re constructive.

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  1. Actually I was planning on buying Inugamihime ni Kuchizuke via ebook and having my husband scanslate it in the future. Sadly the images will be only print screen but hell saves me time from scanning in pages, rotating, and leveling. I haven’t bought it yet because I didn’t know if you guys were going to work on it or not. I’d offer my husband to translate but he’s been busy with work and other things.

    I’m also planning on getting Kikimimi Zukan which is actually just a bunch of one shoots based around music/instruments by a few different mangaka’s. MORI Kaoru has a one shot in volume.

  2. couldn’t find the scans for the “gem” one. Internet is overrated. Hope you’ll pick it up though.
    Anyway thx for the chapter.

    • As with Alien, I’m pretty sure I have the only scans in existence. Nobody seems willing to buy Mr. Miyata’s works. It saddens me. :(

  3. As always, thanks for the chapter!

    Incidentally, how much of the series do we have left? I just noticed that it’s only 1 volume.


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