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As it turns out, there was nothing at all wrong with my transmission. A hose connected to the crank case just imploded, causing a vacuum leak. Unmetered air was getting into the engine, which is what was causing the bizarro issues I’ve been having in the recent past. $380 later, this is no longer an issue. Yeah, that sucks. But you know, when it comes to vehicle repairs, anything under $700 is generally considered pretty good. Had it actually been a transmission issue, which is what I originally thought it was, I’d be looking at a bill of at least $1k, probably more. So yeah, it could have been a lot worse. I’m just glad to have my truck back. ^_^

As for Alien, the end is in sight! Episode six will be out in the very near future, and that will conclude the series. I have kept my eyes and ears open, but it doesn’t look like there’s any evidence of more to come. The current volume is the only one out there, and I sincerely doubt we’ll ever see a second one.

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